Our company

Viper Tube Systems was founded in 1998. We are a medium-sized company with approximately 60 employees. We are specializing in manufacturing tubes of all kinds mainly for the automotive and truck industries. Many process steps are involved before delivery to our customers: cutting, deburring, washing, bending, swaging, welding (MIG, WIG and MAG welding methods, manually and by robots), fitting, pressing, brazing (continuous furnaces by induction and manually), assembly of various fittings according to DIN or tailored to customer needs, surface finishing, assembly of various components or tubes, component cleaning and inscription (printing, engraving, labelling), functional or pressure testing, final inspection, final packaging and delivery to the customer. State-of-the-art technology, robots, testing devices and last but not least our highly motivated team ensure that our customers receive high quality products on time and at competitive prices. Viper Tube Systems is committed to sustainable development by reconciling ecological, social and economic aspects. We must be able to make our profits without damaging the environment or society. The sustainability of our actions has become a criterion of our quality.
We want to make the world a little better each day. On the one hand, we want to satisfy our customers’ needs, but also make profits so that we all have meaningful work and we can therefore further develop ourselves and our company.
In order to achieve this goal, we need to have all interested parties, including employees, customers, neighbours, officials, suppliers (in short, all individuals with whom we have contact) on board with us. The impact of our actions on the environment and society should not be negative.
Viper Tube Systems is committed to carrying out all business activities safely and efficiently. We do everything we can so that Viper Tube Systems is and remains an economical and healthy company. The wellbeing of all those involved, the wellbeing of the environment, the sustainable regard for our environment and mutual respect and trust are at the forefront of our daily work.

Our working hours:

We are working two shifts from Monday to Friday:
Morning shift (6:00 am. - 2:15 pm.) and afternoon shift (2:15 pm. - 10:30 pm.).
Our office hours: 6:00 am. - 2:15 pm.